Wild Residence, Woollahra

Lots of Space on a Small Block …. But How ?

Mary and Neil had been collecting ideas for their new luxury home over a long period of time. They have visited many countries and have also built a few projects of their own. So with all this experience, it was quite important for them to be able to bring together all they had learnt. But there was one significant problem – the collection of all their ideas didn’t seem to fit into the size of their block of land.

This was the challenge presented to us. How could we meet the stringent requirements that Mary and Neil had whilst obtaining Council approval ?

To achieve Mary and Neil’s vision we had to think outside the box as we were of the opinion that Council would not approve of our proposal in its entirety under a single application. After much consideration, the solution now seemed simple enough. We separated the design into 3 separate and distinct sections which, when pieced together, would (if approved) result in a solution meeting the client’s expectations.

We submitted the first application, obtained approval from Council and then immediately submitted the second additional application. Again, we received approval from Council and then immediately submitted the third and final stage which was also approved. Three pieces of a jigsaw puzzle placed together to give the full picture and eventual approval. It took a little longer but our experience in working with our local Councils eventually paid off.

Architects, building designer, conference, concept design, preliminary designs, plans, sketches, architectural, staff“We were both concerned that we would not be able to fit all the spaces into our home that we had hoped for. Thanks to Jim and his experienced team, rather than just say it was too hard, they thought about the issues carefully and then came up with a clever solution. Now, our new home nestles into the streetscape quite comfortably, despite its internal size. We simply love it !

By carefully listening and considering what Mary and Neil’s requirements were, we were able to bring together their ideas and successfully deliver their dream home.

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