Here at Jim Demetriou Group, we’re really excited and proud to announce that we’ve now launched our new website. We’ve also created a new identity, introduced new technology, expanded our services as well as our team. The way we look has changed but we’re still passionate about looking after our clients who are embarking on building their new home or renovating their current home. The site is easier to navigate than the last one and now focuses on describing what we do best… listening to you and giving you what you asked for ( plus throw in a few of our own ideas and suggestions along the way).

So who should you listen to?

We could talk about ourselves but we have asked our clients to tell you their story. So our website will essentially be about the stories of people like you that have already gone through the journey of building. In addition, we will be providing useful information for those who are about to commence their journey or who may have already started. Our first blog relates to the issue of builders under-quoting and the possible reasons for it. Understanding what occurs may save you tens of thousands of dollars so I’m sure you will find it interesting.

Building can be quite a daunting journey for some! However, over a 40 year period, we believe we have the “runs on the board”, the experience and knowledge to be able to honour our commitment to each client for each project which is;

  1. Our focus is and will always be our client
  2. Consider all design options in order to prepare a carefully thought out and innovative concept
  3. Offer our clients the opportunity to take all our services on offer
  4. Ensure the process for the client is an efficient and enjoyable one
  5. Consider the client’s budgetary requirements at all times
  6. Deliver the “client brief” beyond our client’s expectations and to
  7. Provide “certainty” and “peace of mind” throughout the whole process

Here is a list of some of the other interesting topics that I will be covering in the first series:

  • Interpreting an idea as a architectural plan.
  • A common tale for a home owner wanting to build is a false start.
  • Understanding the difference between architects, building designers, construction companies and builders?
  • What’s the difference between custom designed homes and project homes?
  • How can you minimise paying extra for variations you thought were already included?
  • Understanding “scope creep”.
  • What’s the best sequence to building a home and who do I talk to first?

So please, pour yourself a coffee, relax and spend a little time on our new website and let us know what you think by filling out the contact form found on this link: Contact Us. Better still, if you feel you would like to talk to us to see how we may be of assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Best wishes, Jim Demetriou