Welcome to our new website and particular to our blog. I will post ongoing insights into the state of the building industry and my thoughts on how to address its shortfalls.

So what choices do you have?

The thought of building your dream home should not make you feel anxious and fearful of fraudulent builders. It’s sad, but unfortunately to a lot of people who intend to build, their biggest fear is whether they will get “ripped off”.

In my 40 years experience as a Building Designer, a licensed Builder and now as General Manager of Bluegem, I have seen many situations where things have gone terribly wrong. There are builders out there who do take advantage of home owners ready to build their first dream home. Thankfully, they are in the minority and they usually don’t last long in the industry before they move on.

In my next post I will elaborate further on how some builders quote on your plans in an attempt to win the tender. Important reading before you start.


Here is a list of other topics that I will cover in the first series:

The common tale is numerous false starts.

Understanding the difference between architects, building designers, construction companies and builders?

What’s the difference between architecturally designed homes and project homes?

Are there going to be changes allowed?

Understanding scope creep.

Interpreting an idea as a architectual plan.

What’s the best sequence to building a home and who do I talk to first?


If you are interested in learning more about any of these topics please contact me direct: Jim Demetriou