Most Architects and Building Designers do take into consideration the orientation of a home when designing a concept for their clients. But just how important is orientating your home correctly?

The image above is a home we designed at Picnic Point, Sydney. We were able to orientate the house in such a way that we were able to not only gain significant river views for the owners but also, we were able to use fixed louvres to assist in keeping the hot summer sun out of the living areas. By orienting the house on the property correctly, you can generally use different design tools to maintain comfort in the home all year round.

The link below may be a little lengthy, but it is an excellent article. It’s written by Caitlin McGee, who was the Principal author with Dick Clarke and the late Chris Reardon as contributing authors in the “Your Home” publication. It is now acknowledged as Australia’s most comprehensive guide to environmentally sustainable homes.

If you are considering building a new home, this is an excellent place to start researching before the design process starts.

If you are considering the possibility of either building a new home or renovating your existing, please contact us and we’ll ensure that you understand what options are available to you so you can make an informed decision.