Consulting, Design and Project Management Services

Jim Demetriou and his team are recognised for their commitment to each specific project from consulting services, to quality home design and comprehensive project management. Jim’s passion for energy efficient and sustainable design guarantees that your home will always be pleasant to live in.

We specialise in renovations and custom designed homes. In addition, we have a full range of pre-designed homes that can be tailored to meet your specific design and budgetary requirements.

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Are you thinking of building your new home or even renovating your existing home? Maybe you are unsure about where to start the whole design and construction process. Perhaps you just want to get some unbiased, expert advice about the various options available to you before you start. Our Consulting Service can help by answering your questions and clarifying your concerns before you commence your project. It could save you a lot of money by knowing what you can or can’t do before you start spending thousands of dollars on plans !

Some of the most common questions we receive include;

  • “We’re not sure if we should renovate, build a new home or even move”
  • “What will Council allow us to build on our block of land?”
  • “How many rooms can we build upstairs?”
  • “Can we build a dual occupancy? What about a granny flat? “
  • “How much will it all cost us?”

If you want to speak to an experienced local professional about your very own situation please contact us to book your appointment.

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Our award winning design & documentation service is based on our “systems approach” and unquestionable local experience in design and construction with local Councils. We deliver a high quality set of design and documents. In doing so, the chances of builders being able to “under-quote” are substantially minimised. This approach offers you the protection you need to achieve your home design or renovation dream on time and on budget.

Our service includes;

  • Initial research as to determining legislative requirements as to what you can / can’t build
  • Obtaining an initial client brief from you
  • Showing the initial conceptual plans to both yourself and the Council / Certifier for comment
  • 3D visualisation to assist you to better understand the workings of your project
  • Arranging third party documents from the various consultants including surveyors, engineers, interior designers etc
  • Finalising the design and documentation for the various applications for their submission to Council / Certifier
  • Following through the assessment process and addressing any issues that may impact your project including objections from your neighbours

Our systematic and methodical approach gives the various builders the information they require to adequately prepare their quotations for you without the “guesswork”, thereby saving you thousands of dollars. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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3. Tender and Contracts Service:

Once approved, you’re now ready to start approaching builders for quotes. You may have your own builder that you would like to use and that is perfectly acceptable. However, it’s always healthy to obtain comparable quotes from other builders so as to ensure you are getting the best value for your money.

With this in mind, we are able to prepare Tender Letters (detailed instructions) and then approach reputable & licensed builders with the view to request a fixed price and fixed term quote for your project. Together, we can then work through each quote to assist you in choosing the right builder for you. Once selected, we will then prepare the contracts and oversee the signing of them. You’re now ready to commence the build !

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4. Contract Administration Service:

This service is designed specifically to give you advice, protection and ‘ease of mind’ by acting as your professional adviser. We will provide unbiased information throughout the building process, so that you can make well informed decisions.

Our service includes;

  • Periodical Site Inspections to ensure that the works are being executed in accordance with the contract
  • Assessing & approving ‘Progress Claims’ made by the builder
  • Issuing, assessing, referring and authorising contract variations that may occur
  • Assessing & determining any ‘Extensions of Time’ that the builder may claim
  • Determining & formally notifying the ‘Date of Practical Completion’
  • Liaise with Council inspectors, Certifiers, surveyors, engineers, and any other consultants or regulatory organisations
  • Regular meetings with you to discuss the progress of the works and any other issues / concerns / queries