Colin Residence, Picnic Point

Difficult Site With Waterfront River Views

When I first looked at this block of land that my clients had purchased, I recall accepting that it was a difficult block, but I’ve never walked away from a difficult block before. There was a slope down to the river from the street, the land has a narrow street frontage which does widen to the rear. It is a battleaxe block and somehow between the adjacent houses, two existing trees, an overgrown backyard with a garden shed, there was potential for some significant river views. Furthermore, another neighbouring house has three levels and is set on a higher block as well, so it towers over my client’s block making loss of privacy and overlooking a real issue.

When my clients presented me with their design brief, I looked at them in disbelief. Their requirements included three of the four bedrooms to have a view of the river along with all the main living/eating areas. One of the bedrooms was to open out onto a private courtyard along with another smaller living area. They wanted as much natural sunlight into as many rooms as possible without making it uncomfortably hot in the summer months….. and the list went on.

Contemporary kitchen, tiled floor, open plan, down lights, stainless steel stair, contemporary residenceWith some innovative thinking from the team and a few (ok, a lot of) sleepless nights, I’m happy to say that we were able to design their home as per their design brief. There were a few issues with Council that had to be resolved (plus an arrogant and somewhat jealous neighbour), but the clients were extremely happy with their home and couldn’t wait to move in. In fact, my clients were offered a ridiculously high figure to sell the house and after some serious thinking, eventually sold it. Back to the drawing board !

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contemporary house, fixed awnings, sustainable, energy efficient design, louvred windows,

contemporary kitchen, drop lights, tiled floor, open plan, island bench

classic residence, separate garages, side entry, flat roof, narrow block, rendered walls

large tiled walls to bathroom, recessed suspended vanity, suspended toilet, full width mirror over vanity