By: Jim Demetriou

The state of the market!
2nd July 2017

Welcome to our new website and particular to our blog. I will post ongoing insights into the state of the building…

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client brief with architect or building designer
Sustainable Homes – How Important is Orientation of a Home?
6th June 2017

Most Architects and Building Designers do take into consideration the orientation of a home when designing a concept for their clients….

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Select a builder to tender
Selecting a Builder
2nd May 2017

In a previous blog post I described in detail a common dilemma in the building industry that leads to disappointments and in…

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Seal Air Movement in your home - Source - "Your Home"
Designing an Energy Efficient Home or Renovation
7th April 2017

When designing a home or a renovation, one of the principal objectives for a building designer or architect should be that…

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energy efficiency, orientation, passive solar, sustainability
Energy Efficient Design & Orientation Principals for your Home or Renovation
8th March 2017

Did you know that approximately 35% – 40% of an average household’s energy consumption is used for heating and/or cooling to…

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architect preparing a client brief for new home or renovation
Do builders under-quote for projects?
2nd February 2017

Under- Quoting in the Building Industry – A Common Issue.  Whether you’re thinking of renovating or building a new home, the…

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plans, new home, renovations, additions
Welcome to our new website
1st January 2017

Here at Jim Demetriou Group, we’re really excited and proud to announce that we’ve now launched our new website. We’ve also created…

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