Andrew & Helen, Vaucluse

We found an experienced Building Designer who was prepared to work with us ! “

Andrew & Helen tried to purchase a house further up the street but were outbid at the auction. On the way back to their car, they stopped and started to chat to a lovely, elderly lady who just happened to be gardening. Long story short, they ended purchasing her house.

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Fortunately for us, they had heard about our services and were impressed with our personal and honest approach. They had purchased a very old home on a magnificent block of land with harbour views. After living in the house for a couple of years, it no longer suited their growing family, so they decided to knock it down and rebuild a new home.

In discussing their requirements with us, it turned out that Andrew and Helen did not realise the ramifications of building a new home on that particular property. There were previously unexplored options available to them.

Due to stringent Council regulations relating to height and side boundary setbacks, a new house meant a narrower home with less height. Essentially, their views would be reduced. We then explored the previously discarded option of renovating their existing home instead of building a new home. This would mean slightly more costs, but it also meant  better views for them which was their main priority. After discussing their available options, they chose to renovate their existing home. 

By keeping the side walls, the main floor level and basement floor level of the existing house, we were able to achieve the stringent requirements that Andrew and Helen imposed on us – namely by maximising the view of the harbour whilst still providing them with all the practical requirements of contemporary living.

We are thrilled with our new home ! Your design and the way you worked in with our builder during construction meant that we were able to solve any issues that came up easily and with very little stress

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